Welcome to Moray

Welcome to Moray

Moray Art Centre is situated in an incredibly rich, natural environment where visitors
are both inspired and impressed by the diversity of the area.

Based adjacent to the Findhorn Foundation Eco-village community, Moray Art Centre is situated close to the coastal village of Findhorn, in the historic county of Moray, which lies on the north­-east coast of Scotland. The nearest town is Forres (four miles from the Centre) and the nearest cities are Inverness (approx. 30 miles) and Aberdeen (approx. 85 miles)

The Art Centre is set within an area of outstanding natural beauty that is rich in nature and provides a truly tranquil setting that is only a few minutes’ walk to the Findhorn dunes and beach. The nearby coastline is featured in many natural history programmes for the passing bottlenose dolphin population.

Across the Findhorn Bay is Culbin Forest, which now stands on the largest sand dunes in the UK. The general landscape is made up of rolling farmland and woodland, stretching into moorland towards the foothills of the Cairngorm Mountains, one of Scotland’s national parks, which is only a 40 minute drive from the art centre.

As well as an abundance of natural produce,
Moray is also well-­known for the many whisky distilleries that are dotted along its rivers
and glens.