Short Stories and How to Write Them

Short Stories and How to Write Them

Short Stories and How to Write Them


March 30, 2024    
10:30 am - 4:30 pm


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Step into the world of ‘Short Stories and How to Write Them’ with Simone Padur, tailored for individuals with busy lives.

This workshop is your opportunity to find your footing as a writer, whether you’re crafting a gripping thriller or a heartwarming romance. Experience a nurturing environment that offers creative feedback and encouragement, guiding you to enhance the structure of your ideas, develop compelling characters, and set vivid scenes.

Discover the unique advantage of crafting short fiction, perfectly suited for our fast-paced lives. Join us, satisfy that literary itch, and bring to life the stories that are playfully tickling your imagination.

Feel free to bring along your cherished notebook and pen, that special notebook you hesitated to fill with scribbles, or even your trusty laptop (just a heads up, plug availability will be limited).

Refreshments are provided, but please bring along a packed lunch.

About Simone:

Simone has been immersed in writing since the days of holding a crayon. Starting with poetry and progressing to fiction, she found her creative stride. The pandemic proved particularly prolific for her. Over the past three years, Simone has written books for clients, and among them, her work “Emilia: Fierce Dignity” has recently been published.

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