Watercolour Duck – a Quacking Adventure

Watercolour Duck – a Quacking Adventure

Watercolour Duck – a Quacking Adventure


June 14, 2024    
10:30 am - 1:30 pm


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Moray Art Centre
Field of Dreams, Findhorn, Forres, Moray, IV36 3TA, Scotland

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Sheree Young returns with another captivating watercolour workshop. In this workshop, participants will delve into the world of watercolour painting, guided by Sheree’s expertise.

Throughout the session, attendees will:

  1. Explore Color Mixing Techniques: Gain insights into effectively blending colours to create a harmonious palette for their duck.
  2. Master Layering: Learn the art of applying layers of watercolour to achieve depth and dimension, utilizing the wet-on-wet technique for fluid, soft effects.
  3. Refine Techniques: Discover finer details to finish their duck, adjusting colours and adding final touches under Sheree’s personalized guidance.

This creative gathering promises an enriching experience for all participants, providing an opportunity to connect with fellow art enthusiasts and nurture their artistic souls through the magic of watercolour painting.


All materials and refreshments are included.

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