Room hire booking form

Room hire booking form

Classroom rental contract

All rental times must incude times for setting up and packing away/the time you need into the building and the time you will leave the building.

The basic rental charge entitles the renter to sole occupancy of th room and the use of chairs, table, kettle, fridge, sink, toilets and assets. The renter will be expected to set up and dismantle the equipment used, and tidy up mess made, cups used etc.

Rooms are to be left in the state they were provided – nothing to to be pinned, stuck or cellotaped to the wall without prior permission of MAC. An excess cleaning and remediation charge will be levied if rooms are not returned in the state thy were presented at the start rental date and time.

Moray Art Centre will, on request, provide additional services on a chargeable bsis. please tick services required.

All glasses, plates, cups, etc, must be cleaned and put away after use.


Payment terms

  • Invoices will be sent  to your booking email address
  • These can be paid in cash at MAC or though bank transfer

Additional information

  • It is the responsibility of the renter to move any tables and tables that are needed and to place them back after the room rental
  • Please levae our centre in a clean and tidy condition as charges may occur if rooms/communnal areas aren’t left in an adequate state.
  • PLEASE FAMILIARISE YOURSELF – fire exits are located at the sink area, in Classroom C and through the main gallery area.
  • The muster point is on the grass in front of the building.
  • First aid kits can be found in Classrooms A and B and under the reception desk.

Questions: email r phone 01309 692426